16min Short Film (2013)

When a mysterious fugitive murders a local townsman in the Northwest, a Conservation Officer forms a hunting party, seeking revenge and justice. "Hunt for the Mad Trapper" is a story about a complicated death on a frozen lake and the havoc that follows.


[Official Trailer 2013]

[Full Length Film 2013]

Directed by: Kaio Kathriner


Written by: Kaio Kathriner

          Matt Drake

          Darren Adams

Produced by: Matt Drake

 Kaio Kathriner

 Darren Adams

 Tom Melenica

 Danielle Galgoczy

 Leigh Harrison

 Stirling Bancroft


Director of Photography: Stirling Bancroft


Production Designer: Danielle Galgoczy


Editor: Tom Melenica


Music Composed by: Marko Koumoulas

   Matthew Chung


Sound Design: Matt Drake

   Casey Labatt



Rick - Blake Stadel

Trent - Tommy Douglas

Donny - Darren Adams

Chris - Orrin Hawke

Mad Trapper - Nathan Berry

Sherry - Kimberly Davidson

Dale - Murray Pocha

Garth Loxton - Himself


Post Production Services: White Hart Post Production


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