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Salem Burns - CBC Arts Mini Doc - 2019

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 2.41.44 PM.png

A CBC Mini Doc for the Exhibitionists stream now available to stream for free on CBC Gem as part of Canadian Reflections. 

Director/Producer - Kaio Kathriner

Director of Photography - Kaio Kathriner

B-Cam Operator - Leonardo Harim

Editor/Colourist - Tom Malenica

Hunt for the Mad Trapper - 2013

When a mysterious fugitive murders a local

townsman in the Northwest, a Conservation

Officer forms a hunting party, seeking revenge

and justice. "Hunt for the Mad Trapper" is a

story about a complicated death on a frozen

lake and the havoc that follows.

[Official Trailer]

[Full Length Film - 16min]

Directed by: Kaio Kathriner

Written by: Kaio Kathriner, Matt Drake, Darren Adams

Produced by:  Matt Drake, Kaio Kathriner, Darren Adams, 

Tom Melenica, Danielle Galgoczy, Leigh Harrison, 

Stirling Bancroft

Director of Photography: Stirling Bancroft

Production Designer: Danielle Galgoczy

Editor: Tom Melenica

Music Composed by: Marko Koumoulas, Matthew Chung

Sound Design: Matt Drake, Casey Labatt

Cast: Blake Stadel, Tommy Douglas, Darren Adams, 

Orrin Hawke, Nathan Berry, Kimberly Davidson, 

Murray Pocha, Garth Loxton

Production Company: RadioDial Film


Goliath - Short Film - 2012

Directed by Aston Lee Anderson
Written by Aston Lee Anderson & Tom Malenica
Produced by Matt Drake
Director of Photography: Kaio Kathriner
Edited by Tom Malenica

Brennen Wierzba
Tom Malenica
Danielle Galgoczy

Executive Producers: Aston Lee Anderson, Tom Malenica, Matt Drake, Kaio Kathriner

Ísland - Short Travel Compilation - 2016

Ísland - 1:44

A collection of images from Kaio Kathriner on his trip to Iceland in July 2016.

Crossing USA - Short Travel Compilation - 2013

A compilation of images shot by Kaio Kathriner on the GOe3 "Building the Electric Highway Tour" spanning from San Diego and LA to New York and Boston. Oct. 2013

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